For years the many patterns of iron fence, balconies, and door and window grilles have fascinated us. Iron gives a richness and variety to buildings and neighborhoods. Used on windows and doors for security, along stairs and in fire escapes for safety, and around yards and flower beds for privacy and protection, it is more than just decorative. It provides a rare architectural opportunity to combine a useful function with a material of extraordinary esthetic possibilties.

It is a continuing delight. In winter it catches the snow; in summer, it is festooned with morning glories and moonflowers. Throughout the year we enjoy the iron patterns which vignette our outdoor views.

We at Golden Isles Ornamental strive to make the most beautiful and well-made ornamental products for any purpose you may have in mind. Our iron and steel work can be a great visual addition to your home or building as well as serve a vital function in the way you live and work.

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